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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

sekinchan #3

after the beach we headed to the padi fields, flat lands as far as the eyes can see. we had wanted to see the golden padi fields (almost harvesting time) but was told that the farmers delayed planting as there weren't enough water this season. we weren't disappointed, the green "sea" was equally beautiful! there was a big temple right in the middle of the fields, the contrast was spectacular. the gods & deities must be working hard to bless and protect the farmers of the area.


  1. Hello Ali,

    Welcome back! Oh wow, have I missed reading back here. It truly has been a long long while. Quite frankly, my blog has been that quiet spot as well - while you were away. But truly, it's nice to be tic- tacking back and connecting.

    I've browsed several blogposts and am' riveted by the pretty pics and even more by the whole experience you've been through. In a way I'm a bit envious, haha! I so wish I could have a similar adventure..or something at least a tad exciting as life seems to be a hummmmmm the past couple of months and so.

    Oh, and I love this post you did

    right now it seems I'm in a spot that could be said the same. Anyway, it's wonderful to have you back. The rice greens are all so reviving!

    1. hey roselle,

      good to have you back on the blog sphere. writing & taking photos nourishes me, it's healing too, oh you know what i mean.

      thanks for reading my blog posts, quite frankly i don't think i have many visitors to this tiny space of mine.

      life is good. i do face my own ups and downs here, doing the best i can, one day at a time.

      come back soon!

  2. Great pics Allison.
    I do believe the nature spirits protect our farms and gardens, especially when we are in tune with nature.
    Have a great day.

    1. yes, i do agree with you, fairies, they help tend the greens and flowers and all.
      have a wonderful day lydia!

  3. Alison, I love all the photos from your visit - you have really captured the details and the "essence" of the place. Lovely!!

    1. thanks patty! and thanks for dropping by! you have an eye for nature photography as well! :D

  4. I really enjoyed looking at these three photo posts! Flighty xx


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