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Friday, 12 October 2012

around here

rusty the stray cat, don't you just want to give that belly a rub?

pumpkin porridge with pickled olives for lunch.


stitching a journal.

some boxes we've collected for the packing later.

kiki's migration fund is still on if you'd like to help. i've included an update of the amount collected in red on kiki's migration fund blog post each time i made a sale or receive a donation. i am so grateful for each sale or donation that i receive, thank you so much!

i've also included link at the top of the main page for easy access to the post.

kiki's next vet visit will be sometime next week to draw out blood to be sent to the UK for tests. i will be posting her updates so you can follow the progress.


  1. Hi Alison, i've been reading your latest blog post recently, and i feel you after learning about Kiki's migration fund. I wish there was a way i could help, i actually felt sad and heartbroken for you; perhaps because i share the same love for animals too like yourself. I want you to know that i will keep you in my meditation, and i don't know how but i am very certain that you will get the fund that you need and Kiki will be able to come with you for sure! =)

    1. hi shia lynn,

      thank you so much for your keeping us in your meditation, oh, we are very grateful! your comment means so much to me, to us.

      i am doing my best and i have so many kind and helpful friends, like you, it keeps my spirit up and i will keep on doing my best to raise the fund :)

    2. We are kindred spirits Alison, we are all connected so surely we will continue to lift each others' spirits up. =) If i can find any ways to help you, i will let you know. =D

  2. Rusty looks exactly like my old kitty i had in my teen years!
    The pumpkin dish looks delish!

    1. lydia: rusty is a good kitty. and yes, sometimes the simplest food are the best! :)
      have a wonderful day to you!

  3. Your pumpkin porridge made me crave for some... I think I'll go hunt for some pumpkin this weekend :D


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