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Thursday, 4 October 2012

kiki's migration fund

i'd be lying if i tell you that i wasn't panic when the thought came that we might not be able to afford to bring kiki with us to new zealand. our wallets are tight. i am already sad that we can't bring chewie our dog, she has skin problem and other illness, she couldn't possibly pass the medical tests that a pet has to go through, plus dogs cost a whole lot more!

during the initial stage of knowing the possibility of not being able to bring kiki, i cried, had anxiety and panic attack (a highly sensitive person's reaction). fortunately meditation and mindfulness helped me got through it. after releasing all that stress, i re-focus my attention to finding a solution. i am determined to bring kiki with us. and at the same time finding a new home for chewie.

before going on further, i need to back tracked my story a little (short version) so you can see the bigger picture. back in march 2010, i took andrea scher's mondo beyondo e-course, wrote down my mondo beyondo dream list, one of my (our) biggest dream is to move to new zealand. in october 2010 after attending a seminar and after some thoughts we said yes, let's do this, then in march 2011 we checked out new zealand to see if we like it there, oh yes we love it! (another mondo beyondo dream!) and in may 2011 we filed in our application for residence visa and it was finally approved late july 2012! woohoo!

gene is leaving for new zealand end of december 2012 to look for a job, once he has secured a job and a place to stay, only then i will be able to join him, with kiki. hopefully within the first quarter of 2013.

i need your help. yes, i'm shamelessly asking for your help. your kindness.
we need USD1500 (about RM4000) to get kiki to come with us to new zealand.

i am raising kiki's migration fund. here's what you can do to help.

1. go to my etsy shop and purchase a journal (or two)
2. or you can donate any amount
(donations are closed now, thank you so much.)
3. please tell your friends, link to this blog post in your blogs, facebook ect.

i appreciate your kindness. if you can't do any of the above, it's ok, send us prayers and good vibes. that'll help too.

i am opening the donation until we've reached our targeted amount. if there's any excess, it will go to chewie for her medical care, food and vitamins after we've moved to nz. (donations are now closed).

needed: USD1500
funds collected: USD1244 (17 february 2013)

i'm still frantically making more journals to fill up my etsy shop. please come visit the shop to see if there's anything you'd like to get (holiday season approaching) and at the same time help me fund kiki's migration. thank you so much for your kindness, it means a lot to me. to us.

may you be bless with abundance and kindness in return.


  1. Hugs and Kisses, Alison... I am sure you will be able to raise the funds! Do join some craft markets too as Christmas is coming, and your journals are REALLY well made, I am sure they will sell! I received the journal you made for me already. It's REALLY good! I must say, I am very pleased with the neatness of your stitching!!! I am so proud of you :D :D :D

    I will see what else I can do to support, k? :D

    1. thanks evelin, i'll try to attend at least one market. i hope i can have the time to make them. glad you liked the journal. i forgot some steps though, so i improvised :P
      thanks again for your kindness, i really appreciate it!

  2. The move sounds thrilling, oh yes! But I'm heartsick as well that your pooch can't possibly join. No doubt "kiki" must be able to go - family should stay together.

    I am positive that everything will pull through. Just imagine, same time next year you'll be living in an entirely different place, glorious!


    1. thank you so much for your kind words. yes, i pray all will go well too.

      "same time next year you'll be living in an entirely different place, glorious! " - shivers with nervous excitement! :P

  3. Hi Allison,
    I am sure you will have kiKi with you.
    I will check your Etsy store.
    Your journals are very cute.
    Keep positive that all will workout and your wishes will happen.

    1. thanks lydia, yes, i am keeping positive. having you and my friends with kind words of encouragements really helps.

  4. Alison, I am reading your posts in reverse order so just reading this one.... I met Andrea at a bepresent retreat 3 years ago which was pretty much the beginning of my whole creative lovely. I'm going to visit your Etsy shop.

    1. you met andrea in person? that is so awesome! here i am at the other end of the world feel like i miss a lot of fun stuff going on in the states. would love to join one of your retreats too.


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