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Friday, 16 November 2012

a volunteer

my first visit to alokarama, asahan was in march this year. i didn't take many photos back then. this time i went as a volunteer, helping out at the centre and i managed join some of the meditation sessions too which was wonderful. i was able to take some photos on the last day. it was good to be back there again. the place is just lovely.   
sunrise over gunung ledang (mount ledang) at the stupa hill.

the view from the stupa hill. to the left is the meditation hall. on the right is another stupa.
naga pond (dragon pond) with deck for meditation.

 naga, the guardian.

a pavillion for meditation.
meditation hall.

quan yin. goddess of compassion & mercy.
lily. i love lilies.

love the water droplets too.

now i'm back home trying to get into the creative momentum to start painting and journal making again. i wasn't able to get into the mood so instead i did some clearing of our store room. throwing, donating, recycling and keeping some stuff. all is well. the creative mojo will come soon i hope.


  1. This is obviously a very serene, beautiful and peaceful place. It shines forth in these lovely photographs!

  2. yes, and the energy there is just amazing...
    thanks for popping by cameron.

  3. What a beautiful and peaceful place Alison.
    Have a great Saturday.

    1. thanks lydia, it is indeed.
      have a good week ahead!

  4. I visited and left a comment yesterday but I think my internet went on the blink just as I was posting it... arggh! Anyway... the images are magical - what a place. Also, I find that when I tidy and organize my studio or house, it's all part of the cycle of creativity... the shifts seem to happen exactly when the time is right. So hang in there! And, by the way, I got my sweet little elephant journal. Thank you soooo much!!!

    1. hi patty, so happy you received the little elephant journal.
      yes, cleaning and organizing definitely has something to do with the shifts. how strange and true. i'm still in cleaning mode, lol! slowly easing into creativity space... :)


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