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Monday, 31 December 2012

2012, family + big move update

attempted to take a family photo 2012. camera on self timer, dog treats, kiki squashed, 'nuf said. it was hilarious! hehe!  

2012 is coming to a close. what a blessed year it has been! i am super grateful for all that came and went, the happy moments as well as the unpleasant experiences. it takes great courage to lean on love, no matter what happens externally and internally. in a way it summarises my word of the year 2012 - transcendence. i may not have made a big leap of transcendence or major shifts in consciousness, but the tiny shifts of perspective every time i hit a snag helps me to be stronger, a little kinder, more compassionate, braver and doing my best in staying mindful and positive. who says the way of "love" is easy? but we all know it pays in the end. i am still learning, falling and picking myself up again, and again and again....

big move update: gene has safely landed in auckland. it has been crazy busy few weeks before he flew. we posted two parcels this morning. more clothing that he may need. new zealand is 5 hours ahead of us, i find myself adding 5 hours every time i look at the time and wondering what he may be doing. right now most people are still on holiday mood, it's new years eve. he'll have to wait till after the new year to start applying for jobs. i am praying that everything will go smoothly for him.

on kiki's migration, i'll be catching up with the pet exporter next week. kiki's medical report is back from the UK and we'll have to go through it and see what is the next move.

i also would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends and readers of this blog. whether you leave comments or are a silent reader, you matter. your presence is appreciated. hope you had a wonderful 2012, and may 2013 be an even AWESOMER year for you!

2013 is going to be SUPER AWESOME!!!


  1. Thanks, and to you too! I'd just like 2013 to be drier as this year has been the wettest since 1910. Flighty xx

  2. Happy New Year to you, my dear friend! ^^

  3. Happy New Year to you, my dear friend! May you and your family be well and happy! :D :D

  4. Happy new year sweet friend! Such a beautiful family photo!!! I hope Gene is settling nicely there at NZ by now. :) And i hope you are all ready to embrace the new changes and all the wonderful things 2013 is gonna bring to you! Love to you!


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