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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Art for Grabs

finnally it's over. art for grabs last weekend was surprisingly quiet. non the less i had a lot of fun with my booth buddy rekha of rekhss, fellow vendors and visitors who dropped by and supported us. a big thank you to all!  that's our cute space, with canvases on booth doors. the birdie series (top), rama series (bottom) on the wall as well as the bottom piece on the door are rekha's. mine are the cat series (middle) on wall, top canvas on door....

plus 3 more on the other door.  

  the crazy duo. 

  rekha's mini art canvas magnets, aren't they just the cutest? the owls are the ollies. 

 morning of the second day, just before opening time. we were next to f64, selling really cool photography stuff. 

akmal of f64 with really cute t-shirt. haha! 


  1. This is such a neat art studio!!!!! I wish my little art studio looked that cute! Makes me want to revamp it.
    Wishing you a nice Christmas week!

  2. love your display! :)
    and hope you both had decent sales despite the quietness...

    love you!

  3. Hey Alison,

    I had so much fun at AFG with you. I am sure going to miss you.



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