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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

counting down

yes, it's finally beginning to feel like it's real. the big move. it's REALLY happening! we're starting to get busier, and the house is also starting to get messier.

my plants have gone to school. i'm glad they have a good home now.
french stitch binding, soon to be made into journals

this 15 & 16 december 2012, i will be at annexe gallery, central market. i've teamed up with my dear artist friend rekha in the coming art for grabs. both of us will be exhibiting our canvas art and some cool handmade goodies. please do come visit us and say hi. this will probably be my last market here, so be sure to grab some of mettaville's items before they're gone.

one of the reason for my joining art for grabs is to raise fund for kiki's migration of course. so far i've collected USD925, and still have about USD575 to go, i think we are going to make it!! i am hoping and praying to get good sales this coming art market. wish me luck! i am so grateful i do not even know how to express this feeling of how grateful i am, for my friends and for you out there who have supported me. thank you!

i'll be busy for the next couple of weeks, all for good reasons. good times ahead.


  1. Hi Allison,
    I'll visit your art link.
    Im glad all is going well. I think that's wonderful that your almost at the amount you need for kiki!!!!! Great news.
    have a nice day!

  2. hi lydia,
    yes, i'm happy that too that i've almost reached the amount needed. so thankful! :D you have a nice day too!


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