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Thursday, 17 January 2013

my courage list + a giveaway

  saw these lovely birds on an evening walk last week. aren't they cute?

i made a courage list. since my word of the year is "courage", i thoght it's good to list down what i want to be brave on. here's my my courage list 2013. 

who I want to be in 2013
1. brave in the big move to nz. brave before, during and after the transition  
2. brave in making new friends and staying close with old/current ones
3. brave in saying and living my truth
4. brave to share my gifts - creative art and craft, photography, spiritual sharing
5. brave to give and receive love unconditionally
6. brave to help others
7. brave in living/communicating within a like-minded community
8. brave in walking my spiritual path (we are always alone on this one)
9. brave in living in gratitude, to see everything through the eyes and heart of love, beauty and kindness (a big task! ) 
10. brave in embracing goodness that life offers (no guilt, no fear) 

what I want to create in 2013
1. a wonderful happy life in new zealand with gene and kiki
2. a simple home filled with love, joy and laughter 
3. a healthy living with gene – taking care of our bodies, mind and spirit with healthy habit of food intake and physical exercise
4. space for creative corner – art and craft (dreaming of a studio)
5. space for personal spiritual cultivation/sacred space - meditation
6. to meet spiritual teachers to guide me on my next phase of spiritual journey
7. to have like-minded community online and offline
8. focus and grow my business – mettaville etsy shop
9. learning new skills, cooking, sewing 
10. wear simple yet fun clothes that make me feel good 

2013 word of the year giveaway
tell me, what is your word of the year 2013?

simply leave your word of the year 2013 in the comment. you can tell me a little if you choose on why you pick that special word. i'd love to read your story.

the winner will receive a hand stitched journal with his/her word of the year 2013!! it's open to international readers! yay!

enrty will close at midnight 24 january 2013. i'll anounce the winner on 25 january using ramdon org. one entry per person. good luck to you! :)


  1. i love your choice of word for 2013 :)

    As I mentioned in my facebook status... I was contemplating 2 words, 'grateful' and 'focus'. I am going to continue using these two words for 2013 instead of just choosing one :) Though 'grateful' would be my main word for 2013.

    There are just so many things in life to be grateful for... and sometimes we forget because we don't notice the small things that are worth being grateful for as well. That is why I chose this word. I want to be reminded daily, constantly to be grateful for the little things as well... being able to wake up in the morning, enjoy a cup of starbucks, take a nice walk down the beach, spending time with my hubby and Penny, having great friends both online and offline... etc....

    As for 'focus', I wanted to focus on Evelin T designs as well... to start having some business on etsy, participate in local craft market and hopefully expand it a little. It's just that I am always losing focus... hence, the word 'focus' :)

    That's my little story :)

  2. mine is treasure :)

  3. Hi Alison - My word is Light. Last year it was abundance, gratitude and patience (I can be so utterly impatient sometimes!). I want Light this year because light can mean so many things but for me it simply means a lightness of self, to be totally unburdened by issues, problems or day to day. To be light like the air. To shine my light on others, to inspire them in ways that they inspire me. To have others shine their light on me and make me see beauty in everyday life. LIGHT. That's my word for 2013. Peace to you and Gene and Kiki.

  4. helo there. my word of the year is wealth. it came to me end of last year and asked me to take it and work on it. LOL. think wealth, be comfortable with it, live with it. trying to understand it myself. haha... i am not a fan of writing things down. my list is scrambled, jumbled and merged in one gooey gunk. it's organic and evolving but it's there. LOL

    sweet, lovely birds up top. did i win? :D

    always love reading your posts.

    take care

  5. CREATIVITY. I feel that one of the best ways that I can share my light with the world is to compose music, write novels, create little videos, draw pictures, write long typewritten letters. Now that I am retired from being a professional French horn player for symphony orchestras and Broadway shows, I have time to do all these things.

    Without creativity, life would be very bleak. Everyone is creative in one way or another, and it is very important to tap into one's inspirations.

    Happy New Year to you & yours, and best wishes for your upcoming big changes.

  6. JOURNEY - my word of the year 2013

    I am stepping into another stage of life in another one week time, which is the working life! I know this will be a great challenge in the journey of my life. However, I believe that I can manage the challenge and take up the responsibility well!

  7. Abundance - 2012 has been a really hard time for me, especially after my store is no longer selling. And I want to think that in 2013 I could change my current sad state into a better one.

  8. Alison, I love your list! And even though my word INTENTION (as you already know!)is different from yours, there is a lot of overlap in our ideas. I'm trying to act with intention and set specific intentions for my day and for events and activities. It's all still new and I am finding my way, but I like starting new practices. It will get easier and more natural with time and practice I'm sure!

  9. Hi Alison,
    Pretty Journal!
    Courage is very empowering to have. I am sure 2013 will bring you and your family wonderful things and new beginnings:)

  10. Lovely post, and I'm sure that your courage will ensure that this year is all you hope it will be and more.
    My own word is 'hope' as I hope that this year will prove to be a good and better one for us all. Flighty xx

  11. Hello sweet Alison, this is such a beautiful post! WOW so the big move is this year!! How exciting!! I wish you all the best and a smooth transition sweet friend! My words for this year are forward and onward! Have a lovely merry happy Tuesday and love to you!

  12. EXPLORE is my word for 2013 =)

    2012 had been a good year for me. 2 backpacking trips to Taiwan and Thailand. A precious chance to explore the food, people and culture. A very meaningful chapter in my life.

    2013 will be my graduation year which is another great EXPLORE. Explore who I am and what I want to be. And explore all the opportunities and challenges ahead. I will be creating my 'explore list' soon to kick start the year of 2013 meaningfully.

    I believe 2013 is a year of explore for you and Kiki too! Hope that the migration process is a success. Take care, Alison :)

  13. "Deliberately" is my word. I want to lead a deliberate life full of joy and love!

  14. Beautiful journal. I wish I could hand stitch so beautifully. My word for this year is: BELIEVE

    I need to believe more in myself. ;-)

  15. Hey Alison,

    I think I figured out my word for the year. It is "love". I am learning to open my heart to love. Loving myself, loving others, loving life and loving this journey. Thank you.

    Lots of Love,

  16. My word of the year is "ambition". This year, my goal is to find, and hold onto, the ambition to turn around specific aspects of my life. Great idea for this giveaway!

  17. Love this post, Alison!! Too bad I got here too late...but I know the winner will love the book and the creativity behind it! xxx


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