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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Forward & Onward

I finally finished making the journal for Jacqueline, winner of the giveaway. Her words of the year 2013 are Forward and Onward. I added the metal corners this time. What do you think?

I love her words of the year, it resonates with me so well. I hope Jacqueline will like her new magic journal, filling it with magical thoughts and goodness.

Kiki's migration fund update: We have almost reached our goal, Here's the latest update. I have some orders to work on and we'll definitely be able to raise the full amount soon. Thank you for your kindness. Each and everyone of you. For making this dream come true.

Big move update: Gene has secured a job and will be starting his new work very soon. He is now looking for a place to stay. We are very blessed to be on this adventure and very grateful for the experience. We are still taking things one step at a time. Gene has been working very hard to get things together over there and sometimes i feel a little helpless over here. Though we may not have everything as we wanted, we're learning to go with the flow, trust our gut feeling and change as we need to.

Here are some photos that Gene took and emailed to me.

Green Bay beach. It's summer now in NZ. Lovely yes?

Many friends ask me when will i go over? My answer is as Gandalf said to Frodo: "A wizard is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to." ;-)


  1. The journal is lovely...and I like the metal corners. Definitely gives it a very finished look.

    How exciting to hear Gene has a job! I understand how you must feel and love your quote. Exactly.

    New Zealand is so beautiful, Graham has been there and I've seen his photos. I am so happy for you, dear Alison, the picture is almost complete.

    Will write soon...xx

  2. Hi alison, been having problem with my connection lately..came here many times but couldn't put a mark grrrr..The beach photos are really tempting me! Looks like NZ is getting nearer and happy for you.

  3. Dearest sweet alison, the journal is so beautiful!! Thanks so much for making it for me. I really appreciate it.

    Really exciting news to hear that Kiki's migration funds is going really well and that Gene secured a job!! Yipeee and hooorayyy!! Wonderful celebration. New Zealand is really such a beautiful contry..Gene takes very good photos! Just like you do. ;)

    Have a beautiful chinese new year celebration and happy Snake year!
    Love to you!


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