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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Endings & Beginnings

This will be my last post from Malaysia. Phone line to be cut off very soon. Will be offline till i get to New Zealand. I'll say hi to you from there.

We're all set. Kiki is to fly a day earlier than me, there she'll be quarentined for 10 days, she'll be spending her days here. It's closest to the airport but quite a distance from where we stay, I'll go visit her whenever i can.

I'll be helping sister and Chewie settle in their new place for the next few days. Meeting a few more good friends for hugs and good byes. And of course spending time with family too. It has been a busy month and i think first thing i'll do when i get there is to rest, rest and do nothing for a while.

Ok, i'm logging off for now. See you on the other shore! :)


  1. Safe travels as you wend your way to your exciting new life in New Zealand!

    I look very much forward to reading about your new adventures there.

    Best wishes from James & me in The Woods.

    1. Arrived safely on Good Friday. Hello adventures! :)
      Thanks Cameron & James from The Woods.

  2. So excited for you, Alison!! What a huge life change. You dreamed it and you are doing it. It's a big moment in your life my friend. Can't wait to see what you discover on the other side. Safe travels!!

    1. Yes, it is HUGE for me! For both us. Mondo Beyondo dream ticked! :)


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