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Monday, 1 April 2013

Hello from Auckland

Yes, I am finally in Auckland, and strangely I'm not a bit excited (maybe not yet?). I landed on Friday morning exhausted actually. I am still recuperating, adjusting to the weather and surroundings. Went for walks which i really enjoyed. Beautiful scenery, fresh air. Lovely. 
Angel in Western Springs Park full of bird droppings.

Apart from resting, we went shopping for some home supplies, cleaning and tidying up our new "home" which I absolutely love. We have a small cute garden with trees! We are living pretty much with only bare essentials as our furniture and stuff will only be arriving sometime in April. I received an email from QPS saying Kiki is doing well in the quarantine centre and i will be visiting her tomorrow. Hope I can get some photos.

I'll rest for a couple of weeks and then figure out my next plan. Thank you for all your well wishes and for following my journey. I don't have any big plans really, my intention is to live a simple, quiet and happy live here. So far i am loving the weather, the slow pace and I'm grateful we made it this far.


  1. It looks and sounds lovely so I'm sure that you'll soon settle in and enjoy your new life. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty, so far so good. i'm able to get around quite easily.


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