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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Moving on...

Past weekend we visited another art market. It was bustling with people and by far the most happening market we've visited. After the market, curious us took a road that lead us to this...

Beautiful, calm and peaceful. I am so thankful every time i am able to be with nature, the sea. It just feels so good.

On the creative business front. I am slowly getting into the momentum of things. Still a little slow on getting things done, but it's taking shape. Making plans and setting goals. Having this for a creative space helps. It's bright and view of the lawn. I love it!

Making more journals to be listed in my Etsy Shop soon.

Kiki is doing well. She's happy. She's more playful and would out of the blue jump and run around the house for nothing. Funny cat. And i think she has put on some weight too as she seems heavier when i pick her up.

We're all moving along well.


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