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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hearts make me smile, and so does Kiki

Weather was beautiful today, took a break from work and just enjoy the outdoor for a bit before the chilly wind chased me indoor again.  
Love it when nature sends love in fluffy white clouds. Just makes my heart lighter and body relaxed. Knowing I am looked after and things will be ok, that I am loved.

I was sticthing up a journal when an idea pops in and got diverted to cutting tiny hearts from my felt scraps. It takes great patience and steady hands to cut hearts this small I tell ya.

I made them into little tags. So cute and sweet!

They'll be on sale this weekend at Crafternoon Tea Market. I don't have many so when they're gone, they're gone.

Last but not least, Kiki giving a toothy grin. Looks like she's laughing but really she was yawning... haha!

Day 40 of 100 Days of Kiki.

My next craft market:
20 July 2013 - Crafternoon Tea Market, 10am - 2pm. 
28 July 2013 - Titirangi Village Market, 10am - 2pm. 


  1. Ha ha, great catch with Kiki! Love your little heart tags!! Good luck with the market....

  2. Oh i'm so glad you mentioned your blog on the team forum! I love it! I've been reading and looking at your photos for a while now. :D Kiki is a beauty! I also have a cat but she's quite the opposite of Kiki: she's black and she has the tip of har tail white, she hates cuddling, she doesn't let anyone touch her more than one pet and she's already very old (like 14 years old). But i love her the way she is. :D
    The felt hearts are so lovely!

    1. Thanks for visiting Andreea.
      Oh, would love to see your cat :) and 14 years old! wow! Kiki doesnt mind cuddling when she is in the mood. She doesn't like other cats though. Even a cat is outside the window not even noticing her, she'll hiss. hillarious!

    2. Oh i haven't mentioned that she also hates being photographed! :)) She's a cat with a strong personality... (that was to put it in an elegant way). As for interacting with other animals, we've had two close encounters (can't remember exactly the correct words; hope i got those right "close encounter"). Both times there were dogs. We wouldn't dare bring another cat home and since we live in an apartment building, we don't let her go out. Well she wouldn't go out anyway. Well the first time she met a dog, she was young and she didn't actually pay much attention to the dog. Actually the dog would follow her all around the house and they were hilarious together! The second time was a disaster. She almost took the dog's eyes out (ended up leaving scars on the dog's face) and then she climbed the curtains in the living room and tore them up. Definitely a crazy cat. :))


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