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Sunday, 11 August 2013


We spend the weekend at home with some work and also relaxation time.  I've stitched some mini journals.

And also some large journals. Will spend the rest of next week putting up the book covers, elastic strap and bookmarks. It's always exciting when they're almost done.

Wet, grey and windy...

Enjoying the outdoor.

Gene gave the car a much needed wash.

The sun came out and Kiki and I get to play for a bit.

Then had red velvet cup cake for tea.

Another weekend gone by. Hope you're enjoyng your weekend :)

100 Days of Kiki 
I missed a day! I finally missed shooting a photo of Kiki on Friday. I was on-line chatting with a friend in Toronto, another in Malaysia and also my sister, the day just flew by and I forgot all about taking Kiki's photo.

My next craft market:
17 August 2013 - Crafternoon Tea Market, 10am - 2pm


  1. It looks like you made the most of the weeknd despite it being dull,wet and windy! Have a good week. Flighty xx

    1. Yes, it has been a productive weekend which i am glad. Have a good week to you too Flighty! xx

  2. Hi Alison,
    Nice weekend you had. I love weekends that are relaxing where I can get things done around my house and yard. In fall I will try and perchase one of your journals. They are so neat. I would like to start recording my dreams in a dream journal again.
    Have a great night!

    1. I enjoyed my weekend very much and you are absolutely right about relaxing and geting things done. It feels good. Thank you for your interest in getting one of my journal, I will be listing more real soon.

      A dream journal, that would be so awesome! I have been having really strange and vivid dreams lately, it feels so real, the details i see in these dreams just baffles me. What do all these dreams mean? Maybe I should start a dream journal of my own.

      Have a great week Lydia!


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