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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Around here lately

It's been slow in the studio last week and the beginning of November, but not for long. I have four craft markets this month and I need to get started soon. These are some of the notebooks that I am working on at the moment.

The highlight of last week was this little cutie. It's spring and little birds are learning to fly, this juvenile Silvereye accidentally flew into our home.

I put on gloves and scooped it up and brought it outside and let it fly to the trees, after Gene took some photos of it of course.

Back with its siblings, all huddled together, too cute!

Mama and papa bird flew back and forth with food to feed these hungry little ones. They make the chirpiest sound too.

I better get back to work. If you're around Auckland, come find me in the markets and say hi, I'd love to meet you. I may be shy and quiet but I am friendly, really ;)

November Craft Markets:
16 November 2013 (Saturday) - Crafternoon Tea, 10am-2pm.
21 November 2013 (Thursday) - Bayleys Charity Christmas Fair, 5:30-8:30pm
24 November 2013 (Sunday) - Titirangi Village Market, 10am-2pm.
30 November 2013 (Saturday) - Auckland Art and Craft Fair, 11am-3pm.


  1. A lovely post. It's good to see that you're busy. Well done in rescuing the chick. Great pictures. Flighty xx

    1. Thank you, it feels good to help a little one :) xx

  2. Love your little denim notebooks and - oh, the precious little birdies!!

    1. Thanks Patty! Happy to report that little birdies are flying much better now, though still a little wobbly, the family are doing well.

  3. Hi Alison,
    Your journals are pretty!
    I am so glad the baby bird is ok and you were able to help it get back with it's family! What amazing photos of the birds on the tree.
    Have a great day:)

    1. Thanks Lydia! Gene climbed the fence to get some nice photos ;)


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