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Monday, 14 April 2014


It was a fun day out at the park yesterday. I did a demo at East West Gallery's stall and talked to many wonderful people. My friend Christine dropped by and we went for a walkabout to check out the many informative booths.  
A tent for yoga and meditation, a massage service and healthy yummy food.

That's Heidi doing her fabric dyeing demo using leaves. The results were simply amazing natural earthly coloured fabric and clothes.

Keep Waitekere beautiful :)

The acrobatic performance was a crowd puller, the talented young boys and girls were amazing!

Christine helping me with keeping the signs in place for a photo, it was breezy!

I've learnt quite a lot during that short walk about native and pest plants, weeds, animal pest (now I know what a stoat look like!) and waste management. Loved and enjoyed being there as part of East West Gallery's team and also as a visitor.


  1. I always love your photos! Seems like you had a great time. :)

    1. Andreea, yes I did had a wonderful time :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely company and fun Alison :D Yes it was also informative and lots of healthy delicious food. Have you started reading all your brochures yet? There will be a test next time I see you, ha ha! - Christine

    1. Hi Christine, thanks for dropping by my blog. It was a lovely day wasn't it? Yes, i've read the brochures, very good information. Yikes! A test! :D

    2. We were lucky with the weather too. Humm... I've gone through half of the materials only, so the test is cancelled. ;-) Thanks again for the nice pics! - Christine


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