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Friday, 4 April 2014

Recycling, upcycling and sewing

15 March - 13 April is EcoWest Festival. It's a month long campaign and it's all about environmental awareness and sustainable living. East West Gallery has invited me to particpate on the last day of the festival (13 April, Sunday) where it will be held at Olympic Park, New Lynn. There'll be lots of activities from many participating groups including demos to workshops on environmental care and living.

I'll be at the East West Gallery booth with some of my journals and particularly I've come up with my own little project making recycled notebooks by using my craft stash + household "waste". Cereal boxes, hard board that I've been collecting, fabric scraps and recycled papers, some of the rejected papers from my torn pages while making journals. Here are some of the little notebooks that I made.

Before making the wood block print journals as you can see here and here, I did some tests print on a blank cloth. I thought they would make a nice little patch for little notebooks.

So I cut and stitched the little patch on another scrap denim. The book cover is made from a small veggie cube box which I forgot to take a photo of.

A completed tiny little notebook.

I made another one of a heart shape print and used a sewing machine instead of handstitching, as you can see, it has gone a wee off center but I still like it. Next time I need to pin it first!

That's the inside of the book covers. I like the way it is actually, to be able to see the materials used but I went on to add just a little more to cover the stitches by using an old envelope. The inside of the envelope has got some nice pattern.

There. All nice and neat. I'm quite pleased with the little notebooks I've been producing and am making more in the days to come. You can get them at the EcoWest Festival on 13 April.

As for my sewing class, we're making a jacket for our next project. I am using denim fabric so that the leftovers I can use to make books, haha!

It is more complicated than making a bag and I am learning all the jargons as I go along. I'm still a little slow but I'm getting there.

If you're around west Auckland, come on over to Olympic Park on the 13 April, it starts at 10am and runs till about 4pm.

Next market:
13 April (Sunday), 10am - 4pm, EcoWest Festival, Olympic Park, New Lynn.
27 April (Sunday), 10am - 2pm, Titirangi Village Market.

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  1. Well done, that looks to be a great idea for recycling. Flighty xx


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