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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hello Autumn

I had my first book binding workshop at the beginning of May which was pretty awesome! I met Venessa and Conny during Ecofest and they were keen to learn and so I said ok, lets do it! Just like that a mini workshop was scheduled. East West Gallery has been really kind for letting me use their gorgeous space to run the workshop. A little tight on space but we had fun.

Venessa and Conny in deep concentration binding the signatures.

The finished handmade books and happy book binders! :)

Elsewhere in the new home scene, this! Flaming red tree, the colours of autumn, oh how I love this gorgeous colour! I cannot take my eyes off this beauty!

I am taking all this in and loving every moment of it...

Ahh... soon it will be winter...

On the shop front, I listed this new journal in my Etsy shop I made recently in between all the many tasks and running around as one would with getting a new nest/home ready. It has the autumn leaves colour and comes with a new button closure. I am very much looking forward to making more goodies in the new studio space, but right now, I am learning patience :)

Next market:
25 May (Sunday), 10am - 2pm - Titirangi Village Market


  1. Nice post. Have a look at my blog friend Nikki's recent post -
    Flighty xx

    1. I visited Nikki's blog, wow! The book she made was lovely and i sure would love to learn more book binding techniques, that binding looks really neat! :)

  2. Oh lovely, Alison! I was curious to know what kind of stitching you use for your books. From your Etsy shop, it looks like you are doing the coptic stitch. The ones I saw at the workshop had the skinny stitch on each of the points, rather than combination coptic with the x's. Sorry, not very clear... I tried to write out a detailed description of the steps and it's very hard to do in words!

    And it's love to think of cooler fall weather in your part of the world. We here in S. Calif are having a mid-spring heat wave with temps in the 40s (C). So any idea of cooling is appealing :-)

    1. I can understand how it's hard to put into words! :)
      40C?!! That is hot! Hope you'll find ways to keep cool.

  3. Love the colors of the leaves and so glad that you are starting workshops as well! It looks great! :D
    Here's to many more workshops for you in the future! Cheers!!!

    1. It was a great first :) We had a lot of fun. I am learning as I go along, as always. I look forward to teaching if there are opportunities.

  4. Oh how I love the fiery colors of Autumn - truly my favorite time of year. Over here in Southern California it's 100 degrees Farenheit and the colors are turning brown. Your post is a lovely break from all that.

    Yay! on the first workshop! I'm just getting into bookmaking and if you were near by I would come to one of your workshops in a heart beat!!!!

    Much love!

    1. Wow! 100F?!!! Summer is early!
      Enjoy your bookmaking! I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It is very calming and meditative experience, not to mention learning lots of patience in the beginning :)

  5. Oh, i want to learn too! I so wish i was closer! Though for now i'd rather stay here for a while since spring is in full bloom and we're waiting for the summer. :) However, the autumn colors are amazing!

    1. Enjoy spring and summer in all its glory! :)
      Yeah, would be so cool to meet online crafty friends for some craft party eh?

  6. That red hue of the leaves is just gorgeous!
    Congratulations on your very first workshop Alison! :D
    And I was privileged to see for real today at the market your latest journal, with the new button closure. How precious! - Christine

    1. I love the colours of that beautiful tree! It is all bare now. Winter is here and it is still beautiful! LOVE!!
      With your help, that journal has been sold, thank you! x

    2. The trees of my 'valley' are almost all bare now too. It's hybernation time...
      It was great how we helped each other, yea! More fun time and sales to come... let's hope.


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