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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Before and After

This is a corner of our yard. I manage work to on it this past week. Two hours a day for three days. So lucky it was sunny and so good to be out there with the earth.    IMG_20140429_01426
As is when we first came.

IMG_20140717_01838Day one.

Day two.

Day three. I haven't decided yet what to plant here, there's not much of sun for veggies.

While digging I found these, a strawberry and potato.

I may have dug out some strawberry plants with all the weeds but left what I found where they are, lets see if they'll bare fruit come summer.

Right after I finished clearing the corner, we had frost the very next day. It was cold and I didn't dare venture out to do any gardening.

Well, back to the warm studio for some bookbinding time. I've just received another custom order to work on.

Have a good week ahead!

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  1. Well done you've made a good start. It's seems funny reading about frost as it's been hot and humid here.
    Happy gardening. Flighty xx


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