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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

New journals + gardening is lots of work!

August has been fun with making book covers with woodblock stamps and paint. Truly satisfying to making my own covers. Now I'm thinking of making my own stamps! IMG_20140813_02006
Paris, France... How I wish to visit one day!

Butterflies prints.

Leaves journal, another hand stamped using woodblock.
They are all in my Etsy store now.

Next, garden update.
Yes, another pile of abandoned rubbish and garden waste. This is situated opposite of my now happy garden corner. This photo was taken last month, and oh how weeds grow in a month! It took me a few weekends to clear the pile and I found the most astonishing junks in there!

I've transferred bucket loads of earth to another "hidden" corner of the property for now, which I will have to clear again some time soon. Doing my best to level the place up before any gardening can be done. So. Much. Work!

I attended a composting workshop and got a voucher to buy a compost bin for a discount. Now all organic kitchen scraps goes into the bin, then to my garden. Less waste goes to landfill, mother earth happy, garden happy too :-)

My next market is this Sunday! Looking forward to it! See you there!
31 August (Sunday), 10am - 2pm - Titirangi Village Market.

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  1. The journals look good. All that work in the garden will be worth it later on, just take it steady and do a bit at a time. Good to see you composting, which again is so worthwhile doing.
    Flighty xx


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