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Monday, 22 September 2014

Last week's books and plants

I managed to make a couple of books last week, nothing new, just using whatever fabric that I still have in my stash.
Doing my best to use up the fabric and not piling them in my cupboard. Will shop for new fabric when I think it's the right time to do so.

Over in the gardening scene, I received a delightful letter from Flighty of Flighty's Plot all the way from England. Flighty sent me some pot marigold seeds, "Flighty's Favourites", thank you so much Flighty they are precious little seeds.

I sowed them in pots and will sow more in the coming weeks. Hopefully they'll grow well and when they are big enough I shall transfer them to the ground in the garden.

The roses are gone now. Petals dried up and fallen to the ground.

Still beautiful... Beautiful in the beginning, in the middle and the end.

The small borage plant in the garden is blooming and I love the blue flowers. Such a happy sight first thing in the morning.

It's almost end of the month which means, market day.

Craft Market:
28 September (Sunday), 10am - 2pm - Titirangi Village Market.


  1. Lovely post and pictures. You are most welcome, and many thanks for the mention. Dead-head the roses and you may get more buds. My borage is also doing well at the moment. Flighty xx

    1. So happy to know that your borage is doing well, I hopped over to your blog an saw the pretty plant, yours is so much bigger. Thanks for the tip on dead head the roses, I didn't know about that. I will do that this evening.


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