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Monday, 29 September 2014

New creation + veggie patch

I try to write blog post on Sundays to share what the week has been but always ended up too tired and my brain goes blank. Anyways, last week has been a good week.
I created these new butterfly brooch and I think they'll look nice pinned on to coats, bags, hats or wherever that can do with a little cheer.

I've also managed to make these little up-cycled notebooks. It's good to be able to use up my fabric scrabs, piecing them up together to make these is fun. The brooches and notebooks were suppose to be for Sunday's Titirangi Village Market but upon arriving at the market entrance early Sunday morning, we were told that the market was cancelled due to miscommunication and unconfirmed venue booking, the venue was booked by another event. Well, things happen and it's ok. After a little happy wandering and a picnic, it's back home gardening.

After much work on clearing and levelling the corner, the before photos here, I let the earth set for a couple of weeks.
Then last weekend Gene helped me assemble the veggie patch kit set and levelling up the earth some more.

Next I placed the weed mat underneath.

Then some card boards. Along came Kiki doing her usual round of inspection and of course I have to wait till she is done.

She found something to play with and amused herself in her "playpen".

After she's satisfied and moved on to something more interesting I continued filling compost and earth into the patch and planted some seedlings. Since I am new to growing my own vegetables, I thought to best start with seedlings rather than growing from seed. We have in the patch, capsicum, spinach, spring onion and kale. Hopefully they'll grow well till I can harvest and enjoy them.


  1. That brooch is pretty. The second picture of Kiki made me smile. The raised bed is looking good, and I see you've also got a compost bin.
    Happy gardening. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Flighty. She makes us smile and laugh often, it's a joy having her with us.
      Yes, the compost bin sits there as that's the sunniest spot during the day.
      Happy gardening to you too! xx

  2. I know Kiki got sick. I hope she's very well by now. I adore your garden!


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