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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hello November

The weeks flew by so quickly and we're now in November, and almost end of 2014! Everything seems to be moving so fast I can hardly remember what I did just a few days ago. I did however remember listing some journals in my Etsy store. I think.

New eiffel tower journal is listed again after I sold one at Titirangi Village Market.

Finally listed some upcycled notebooks after some requests. Thanks so much to my followers over at instagram and facebook.

I'll be preparing for the year end christmas shopping time and making some new designs and hopefully in time to launch a new product that I've been working on. Still testing and tweaking so I can't reveal just yet what it is.

In the meantime, if you would like to shop for Christmas gifts from my shops, both Etsy and Felt, international shipping cut off date is 1 December and 12 December for local New Zealanders. I'll upload as many journals and notebooks as I can in the coming days and thank you in advance for shopping with Mettaville.

Over in the gardening scene, much ado with tending the veggie patch, transplanting and repotting some flowers, moving plants here and there.

I was at the garden nursery the other day and couldn't stop myself when I saw this beautiful osteopernum and got myself a pot. I had taken two pots but had to put one back. I have a weakness for purple flowers it seems. First lavender, now this.

We have been enjoying some fresh spinach and kale lately and I'm quite surprise of how fast they grow. Happy with the bountiful harvest.

The marigolds are doing well, I manage to grow some from my seeds that I've kept of my flower last year, and flighty's favourite seedlings are also looking good.

My friend Christine gave me some seedlings of beans and peas. I'm not sure what varieties are they, and since I'm not going to have another raised bed, I used these rice sacks that I've been keeping after all the rice that we consumed. Just so happen there is a bamboo pole laying on our deck (no idea what they were used for from the previous tenants), will have to cut them up and place them in there soon after moving them to a sunny spot near the patch.

Have a good week ahead!


  1. Those upcycled notebooks look good. Osteospermums are lovely flowers. I see both your French marigolds (tagetes) and my pot marigolds (calendula) are doing well. The beans and peas should do well in those sacks, but do remember to keep them watered.
    Happy gardening, Flighty xx

  2. Flighty, I was thinking perhaps the sacks would be a little too small for them, glad that you think they'll do well in there. Yes, I will water the beans and peas and watch them grow :) xx

  3. Can't wait to see your new product and also what kind of peas will come out. I think the beans are just ordinary green beans. I've been waiting for warmer weather to plants my seedlings. It's been so cold and yesterday some hail! Anyway beautiful journals, flowers and kale! - Christine

  4. Hey Christine, you've already had a glimpse of my new product! lol! As for the beans and peas, I'm ready to be surprised. The peas and beans are doing well in thier "bags", the runners are already starting to move towards the stakes.


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