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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Word of the year 2015

Hello 2015! Happy New Year! 

My Word of the Year 2015 - Blessings

This year it took a while for the word to find me, this year I found it. As I was reflecting and contemplating in the last days of 2014, I realised that I have been so blessed all these years, even more so in the recent months, weeks and days. How truly amazing how my life's journey has unfold. So much beauty and goodness. I am thankful for all that is, and so I invite Blessings into my journey in 2015. Not only to remind myself that life is a blessing, that everywhere I go, every person I meet and every experience I go through, is an opportunity for me to awaken even more, and whatever happens, even the unpleasant events that I encounter, they are truly blessings that will lead me to where I need to be, to open up to kindness, compassion and love. That I am guided, always.

Blessings also include my practise of metta sharing. Radiating loving kindness and wishes to all, which in a way is like sending blessings to others. This I shall continue in 2015.

Sending you lots of love and may you be blessed with good tidings this year.

What's your Word of the Year 2015?

This is where I get my yearly ritual of Word of the Year. I have been doing it since Ali Edward started it in 2007.

I am almost fully recovered, glad to have some time off to rest. I am still on holiday and not doing any bookbinding or craft related work at the moment. Will be back with a fresh new start next week.

Lets move on to the gardening scene.

While my in-laws were here, my parents in-law kindly (or perhaps they were bored?) did some weeding on this tiny patch just outside my studio. I had intended to work on it, I guess Santa sent me a little help to get started. A triangle shaped patch that was overgrown with grass and weeds, and where I planted my osteospermum temporarily, poor plant! This is the picture after my in-laws left.

I picked up where they left and continued cleaning up the place.

I decided to do a rounded edge instead of a sharp end with the bricks. After much work, this is the result. Not the most perfect of quarter circle but quirkiness adds character :)

I split the begonias that I already have (from the garden near the deck) and planted them closest to the path way. I got some plants from the nursery to add to the patch, some cosmos, Alstroemeria 'sweety', Nierembergia, next to it is Salvia greggii (Autumn Sage). I moved the Osteospermum to the corner. The brown grass is native plant Carex tenuiculmis, it looks like its dead but that is how it is, perfectly healthy brown grass.  

Alstroemeria 'sweety' (Inca sweety).

Salvia Greggii, bright salmon.


That was how I spent the days leading to new year and completed on new year day! A great start of the year :)


  1. I like the word blessings so I'll share it if I may.
    That area looks really good now, and will be even better once the plants have grown and spread. Just make sure that they get enough water as the tree will take most of it from the ground where they are. If you post a picture of the white flowers I may be able to identify them for you.
    Happy gardening, Flighty xx

    1. Flighty, yes, of course you may share it. Makes me happy you like the word too.
      Thanks, I am looking forward for the plants to grow and flower. I'll water them regularly since the weather is getting warmer now. I've added the white flower photo now, I wonder if you can identify it's name, thanks so much.

    2. Alison thanks. Fellow blogger Caro has chosen the word grace which is another one I like.
      Re the white flower I put your photo on Twitter and asked if anyone knew what it is as I didn't. Of the various responses the mostly likely is that it's a Nierembergia. Have a google for the white ones and see what you think. Flighty xx

    3. Flighty, I googled and came across this link

      It sure does look like the Mont Blanc nierembergia. Thanks so much for finding it out for me, now i can write that in my journal.


  2. I love it, Blessings ^^ Yes, you are blessed :D

    1. Janet, i feel it too. so so thankful, grateful. :)

  3. What a beautiful post Alison to start the new year! Last year my word was 'healing' and this year 'victory'. The triangular patch around the tree looks amazing and good on your in-laws who got you started. ;-) You now have more inspiration from your studio window he he ! Bit by bit your house is looking beautiful. Can't wait to visit, see the changes, and smell all the flowers. -Christine xx

    1. Thanks Christine, 'Victory' is a good word and may your word guide you all through the year! Yes, I am loving the cheerful view from my studio now. See you soon.


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