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Monday, 2 February 2015

Hello February

I have to agree with my friend who said "Where did January go?" I did get much done and almost completed what I had planed to do in January. This year I am focusing on quality instead of quantity. Being more present in doing what I have to do and not rushing into things.

Listing this dala horses print journal soon. I sold a couple of these prints with different bindings. This one is bound using coptic binding.

Binding them after gluing a card stock on the inside covers.

Listed paisley pattern journal with the same binding as the horse journal.

For both the journals I used new papers that arrived in January. These papers are FSC certified, using 100% post consumer recycled pulp and is chlorine free. In other words, it's environmental friendly. Plus, they are 135gsm which means thicker than my previous papers (100gsm). It's great to write on the natural texture of this paper. I like it very much!

In the garden...

This is the little corner that was the dumping ground of all the soil while clearing the other parts of the garden. I planted some onions and happy that they are doing really well surrounded by more of Flighty's Favourites pot marigold.

Waiting for picking.

The white cosmos finally bloomed. It's big! :)

Have a good week ahead!


  1. A most enjoyable post, and thanks for the mention.
    Your onions are looking good. If you don't already know wait for the leaves to go yellow and start dying back then lift them on a dry day
    Lovely to see that white cosmos, which as you know are one of my favourite flowers. Flighty xx

    1. Thanks flighty. Ok, I'll wait for the leaves to go yellow. I looked up on the internet and youtube a lot when I need some answers on anything, and yes, I've checked on how to harvest onions too :) Glad you like the white cosmos. They are lovely! xx


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