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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Workshop and roadtrip

I had my first bookbinding/bookart making workshop this year at East West Gallery today. I went early to do the set up and waited, since it was on koha (donation) basis, I didn't know who (or anyone) would turn up for the day. So I brought along a book for binding, not into my second signature, I had my first participant, a lovely lady curious and wanted to give it a try.  
Then this wonderful family of all ages came to make books and we all had a fun time.

I was impressed by this young man who was really good at decorating and sticking art on the book cover and sewing with needle too, with a little help from grandmother and myself of course.

It was a fun day at the gallery. Makes me happy that they enjoyed the workshop.

Yesterday we had a unplanned road trip, just because. We took a long drive to Coromandel and back. The scenery was as I always tell my friends "ridiculously beautiful!"

It was a nice change and a good little break.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Have a good week ahead!


  1. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves at the workshop. Lovely scenic pictures.
    Thanks, and you too. Flighty xx

  2. I enjoyed the workshop too. I hope we're able to visit just few more places before winter comes.

  3. Great to see you in action for your first bookbinding workshop at the gallery! What a nice surprise to have a family turn up. Thanks for sharing the pics of your day trip. O no, it's too early to talk about winter.. -Christine

  4. Great to see you in action at the gallery! It's wonderful to have a family show much interest in your workshop. Good on you to go for a drive through beautiful New Zealand. It refreshes the mind and makes it ready for more craft / gardening action :-)
    See you at the market, I'll pop in. - Christine

    1. He he! Yes, autumn first. Always good to get out and see the world a bit :)

  5. O I thought my first comment didn't go through...


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