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Monday, 7 September 2015

September's exhibition

The exhibition at Avondale library is now on. Manage to take some photos this weekend. Pretty exciting to see my work on display like this.

Queen head stamp mini books. These were fun to make.

"Stories from the Sea I" This is one of the books that didn't make it to the exhibition. The book is made with shibori tie dye fabric and drift wood that I found at the beach.

In the garden...
It's spring according to the calender but it's still cold outside. So happy to see the daffodils I planted last autumn are blooming.
One of the many, what a happy flower!

I've also sowed some seeds direct to the veggie bed, my first try on growing from seeds. After sowing these, it rained heavily the next three days. Hopefully they'll still germinate. Recycled some plastic spoons to make labels.

The rain and cold wind had me working in the shed instead. The wind is. so. cold.

Somebody does not like walking on wet grass! :)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Your display looks really good, you must be well pleased. That's a nice daffodil, and fingers crossed for your seeds. At least you can sow some more if they don't germinate, and I like the plastic spoon markers. Kiki tip-toeing across the grass has me smiling.
    I hope that you get better, warmer weather soon.
    Take care, and happy gardening, Flighty xx

    1. Thanks Mike, I am pleased and truly gratefl for the opportunity. Looks like the garden is finally awake, time to get busy. Happy gardening to you too x


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