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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hello October

The month before the busy time next month. I'll update on the markets that I will be appearing in November and December on the event page.

Here are some books that I reacently made and listed in Etsy store.
I really love how this journal turn out. Floral and lace is sweet and dainty. Listed here.

This new shibori travel journal that was quite the challenge for a first timer like me to create, but again I am quite pleased with how the pattern appeared. It's listed here.

IMG_20150922_01162 A shibori guestbook filled with 110gsm white cartridge acid free paper. Cover is of shibori dyed fabric with drift wood stitched on. Also listed in my Etsy shop here.

I made some upcycled notebooks as well. I only make them when I have enough recycled materials like fabric scrabs, cereal and biscuit boxes, envelopes and paper. You can find this cute pocket notebook here.

Another upcycled jotter book is also listed in Etsy here.


In the garden...
Tulips in full bloom and oh so beautiful!

My favourite Flighty's Favourite pot marigold bright orange flower makes me happy.

The bees are very busy right now.

Been sowing seeds this weekend. Some of the seeds I sowed few weeks ago did not germinate, perhaps it was too cold in the garage where I kept them. Hope this time they will grow.

The peas which I started from seeds are planted out. Dwarf beans, only half germinated, I am sowing more of them.

As for Kiki, she has moved from sleeping in her igloo to the basket. I have some pure wool that a friend gave me and I wanted to make a bed for Kiki, placed them in the basket to get the size, left it there and went on doing my work, later I found Kiki already enjoying it :)

Have a good week!


  1. Good to see you busy with your journals.
    Lovely garden pictures, especially the pot marigold. Seeds generally need heat and light to germinate so windowsills rather the garage. Happy gardening.
    Kiki sure looks content. Flighty xx

    1. Flighty, the pot marigold was from last year, I left some small plants just to see what happens. It went to sleep during winter and wake up this spring. Now I know I can just leave them be. Ok, I'll leave the seeds near light and heat this time. Thanks for the tip. xx


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