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Friday, 15 January 2016

Journaling Prompt - Week 3

This week's journaling prompt - Draw a self portrait. Bring out your journal and draw, sketch, doodle or even collage a version of you. Don't worry if you can't draw, no one is judging remember? A stick person with a magic wand or a light saber, a cutout photo of your head and draw your torso or simply doodle what comes, it doesn't even have to look like you, just a representation of you. Be fun be creative. When you find no words to fill your journal about how you feel, drawing is another way to express yourself. 

I have doodled my self portraits when I feel sad, angry, lost, happy, inspired etc. What do you think you look like when you feel a certain emotions? You may be surprised at what you'll come up with on the pages. Take a moment this weekend to sit and fill your journal pages and if you would like to share with me your work, do post a link in the comment below or on my facebook page comment thread. Find me on instagram @mettaville and tag #mettajournaling. 

Here's a recent self portrait of myself I did on 5th January.  

These are some new journals listed in my Etsy store.

A green gratitude journal

A shibori journal with a little elephant charm. 

Another shibori journal with unique pattern created. 

Happy journaling! 

"I do take my work seriously and the way to do that is not to take yourself too seriously."
~ Alan Rickman

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  1. I was never any good at doodling or drawing. That flower summer journal looks pretty. Flighty xx


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