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Friday, 29 January 2016

Journaling Prompt - week 5

A fun journaling for this week. Collage Day! Gather some old magazines, newspapers, photos, postcards, note cards, tickets, washi tapes, colour pencils, water colours and whatever you can get your hands on, oh and a glue stick. We are going to have some old fashion "cut and paste" fun time.

A reminder - no rules! Let your creativity go wild and free!

Here are some tips on what you can do with collage, pick a theme (or not), for example:
* Things I love - find things that you love from magazines or newspapers, cut them out and paste them in your journal pages. It can be materials things like books, ice cream or a even a geeky gadget. Or experiences like a holiday at your favourite places, a relaxing spa and massage, or camping in the woods.

* Wild - this one is fun, You can cut and paste anything that associates with this theme, it can be wild animals like elephants and leopards, or prints with a wild theme like jungles with bold colours, or it can be tattoo images (if this is wild to you, it is for me as I've secretly wanting a tattoo for a long time!).

* Free style - cut and paste whatever you find fancy and attract your attention. Let your intuition guide you, I highly recommend this :)

You can do just a single page or a page spread, two pages side by side where you have more room to play with. You can go on filling more pages if you feel you just cannot stop with one page. Have fun!

Here's one I did recently. I really enjoyed the time spent making this. I did not plan anything when I did this, simply play with my own journaling prompt. After the pages were completed only then I realised it has a flow to it, see beauty - be inspired - dream - create.

I hope you'll find some time this weekend and play with this journaling prompt. If you would like to share your journaling page with me, do post a link in the comment below or on my facebook comments thread. For instagram, you can find me @mettaville and tag #mettajournaling. 

A new shibori journal that is listed in my Etsy store this week. 

Also listed is a small blue flower journal.  

Happy Journaling!

"In a sense, our creativity is none of our business. It is a given, not something to be aspired to. It is not an invention of our ego. It is, instead, a natural function of our soul. We are intended to breathe and to live. We are intended to listen and create. We do not need special pens. We do not need special rooms or even special times. What we do need is the intention to allow creativity to create through us. When we open ourselves to something or someone greater than ourselves working through us, we paradoxically open ourselves to our own greatest selves." 
~ Julia Cameron


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