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Friday, 5 February 2016

Journaling Prompt - week 6

This week's journaling prompt - Write 3 limiting beliefs you wish to let go.

We all have them, and most likely more than 3, that stubborn little negative self talk that keeps us from going forward. They lurk and sit comfortably at the back of our mind and pounce like a cat when opportunity strikes. I have my fair share of self doubt and self limiting beliefs that come up and lure me to not take that steps forward or to take risks, to do something crazy. Casting shadow upon me trying to dim my light. Pulling me into that "fear" abyss.

These limiting beliefs come from our pre-conditioning thoughts, the people and environment that we grew up and are around with. The family, friends, society at large that influenced us with our thought processes. These beliefs are not real unless we give energy and attention to them. But of course you already know that. They do keep showing up like a broken record unless we break the cycle.

What are your limiting beliefs regarding yourself? Not good enough? Not creative enough? Not a good parent? Write them down, take a deep breath and make an intention to let them go. Feel it being released on your exhale. Do this one by one. As many as you like.

Then create new positive beliefs about yourself. Feel the expensiveness of this new beliefs that make you feel good and confident.

Here's an example:

Limiting belief:
I am not a good cook (yes, that's mine)
(Inhale...) I release this limiting belief (exhale...)

New positive belief:
I am a great cook! I make delicious and healthy meals for myself and my family.

With this new belief and intention set, Pinterest is my best friend when finding good healthy recipes :)

This is a great letting go journaling exercise. I hope you'll find some time this weekend and list all your limiting beliefs and let them go, and create new positive beliefs about yourself. If the nagging negative thoughts come back, repeat this process. I have done this many times in my many years of journaling and it helped me break through the cycle. To become a master of any skill, the secret is practise, practise, practise. To break the cycle of unhealthy thoughts, the only way is to catch it, release it and replace with new healthy ones.

If you would like to share your journaling journey with me, leave a comment below or on my facebook page. For instagram, you can find me @mettaville and tag #mettajournaling.

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Happy journaling! 

"Change your thoughts and you change your world"
~ Norman Vincent Peale

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  1. Interesting read. I'm not a good cook, but thankfully I'm not much of a foodie either. I like your butterfly journal.
    Enjoy your weekend. Flighty xx


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