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Monday, 9 January 2017

Word of the Year 2017 - Rise

Happy New Year!

We're already into the 9th day of 2017! I cannot resist saying that how quickly the time is passing! How cliché, but true. 

Back in January 2016, I picked "Prosper" as my word, and I worked hard in my little bookmaking business. By the end of 2016, after doing my numbers, no, I did not become a millionaire, nor make a tonne of money, barely even. What I realised was that the whole of 2016, I was working hard on changing my mindset, I have been carrying poverty thinking for way too long, perhaps even from my ancestral lineage. So last year was a big wake up call to consciously release this burden of poverty thinking and replacing it with prosperity thinking. It was a lot of work, I meditated, I journaled, I did mini rituals of letting it go. The work continues and I am hopeful and optimistic that I will prevail.

This year, I have chosen the word "RISE".

I read Brené Brown's "Rising Strong" over Christmas break, Brené talks about vulnerability and worthiness and it opened up the can of worms of my own stories on the subjects, I knew for a long time that my poverty thinking is also connected to my worthiness issue. And this blog post is pretty much letting it out and being totally vulnerable about it. Practising what Brene calls "rumbling with the story". The rumbling is still ongoing, I am still working on whatever that needs to work on, and I am still journaling the process. So this year, I am setting an intention to RISE above all that was the past, letting go limiting beliefs that I have been carrying about myself and the beliefs of others about me, working on my worthiness. This shall include my personal, work and spiritual practise. It is going to be an interesting year and I look forward to uncovering more and working my way to be a better person.

And so the journey continues...

A little baby wax eye visited our garden on New Year's day. It was learning how to fly, diligently it exercises it's little wings and flew haphazardly until finally up it went to the neighbour's magnolia tree where mama bird was waiting :)

Wishing you a wonderful 2017! 


  1. A nice post and a good word. I like that last picture.
    Thanks, and to you too. Flighty xx

    1. Thank Flighty, I enjoyed watching the little bird learning how to fly. xx

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think I have the same mindset and like you said, probably ancestral and I have been working on changing it too. It's been a process and I have to keep reminding myself that it does not have to be that way :) My one little word this year is - GROW

    1. Evelin, I think we carry so much from our ancestral lines, and yes, I think it is time to let them go and make our own story. I love your word GROW. May I ask in what way? I'd love to hear your story.


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