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Friday, 14 July 2017

Journaling in winter

A sliver of sunshine in these grey winter days makes such a difference to ones mood and spirit.

I haven't been journaling much this winter, I have been unwell with cold and flu and have been resting, I am much better now but the body still feels tired.

I could not resist getting these daffodils at the village the other day, it just brightens up the room and spirit. So lovely to look at, the scent is amazing too.

A fabric journal that I listed in my Etsy shop and sold recently, but I will be making more and list soon.

A sweet purple pastel journal that is still available in the shop. I am currently in the process of making more of these trifold fabric journals, they seem to be quite popular. I do like them too as they are soft to hold and small enough to fit in a bag to bring along whenever and wherever.

My recent time off from work. The cold fresh air and rain did not help with the cold but it did help clear the head a little.

I cannot get tire of the greenery.

And along the track, learning new names of plants, some can be quite peculiar and cute in their Maori names :)

Off to make some books this Friday afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm sorry to see that you've not been feeling well and hope that you're now better.
    Thanks, and you too. xx


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