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Titirangi Village Market, 30 September (Sunday) - 10:00am - 2:00pm, Titirangi War Memorial Hall.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Journaling exploration

I am glad to work with my friends in helping to create as little waste as possible, my off cuts of tiny fabrics have now found a new lease of life, Helmi of Woodlands Enchanted makes tiny little fairies and people using tiny fabric. Seen here is one of her creations. All her dolls are absolutely adorable and said to have magical powers :)

I have been a long time writing and doodling" kind of journaler, but pass few years have included other mediums in my journals.

Went to Piha beach the other day as the weather was just too beautiful. Hiked up to a lookout point and spent some time water colouring. The view was magnificent.

Washi tape and cards.

It seems there is a karma cycle in the fabric realm, after giving away tiny fabric to Helmi, I received off cuts fabric samples from my friend Holly. I look forward to creating with these.

Have a lovely weekend!


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