Craft Market

2014 Craft Markets:
26 October (Sunday), 10am - 2pm - Titirangi Village Market.
23 November (Sunday), 10am - 3pm, Titirangi Advent Fair.
30 November (Sunday), 10am - 2pm - Titirangi Village Market.
7 December (Sunday), 11am - 3pm, Auckland Fair, SHED 10.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

New journals and picking vegetables

These are some new journals I made last week, some are not listed in my shop yet, but they will be soon. IMG_20141015_02716
Single butterfly journal for the one who likes simplicity. Like me.

Girl and her dog journal. This is already listed in my Etsy shop.

Hunting. I love the art on this fabric block. Great as gift for the men folk.

I've also listed some mini upcycled notebook in the shop.

The weather is warming up and it's nice to be working in the studio.

Outside the studio, another rose is blooming, this one is blood red! Only yesterday I saw it as a bud. I was surprised to see it in full bloom this morning, very delighted non the less.

I'm already harvesting our vegetables from our veggie patch. Didn't know they grow so fast. This is spinach, I will be picking kale in the next few days.

Titirangi Market this Sunday. Looking forward to it as usual.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Promotion is ON!

My dear friend Evelin of Evelin T Designs and I (Mettaville) are running a joint promotion for our followers and customers.  

Mettaville_EvelinTDesignsPromo (1)

Get 10% off (coupon code: METD10) from your first purchase from either of our shops (My Etsy shop) and if you purchase from both our shops, you get 15% off from both of us. You can email me at after browsing and before checking out to tell me which items you wish to purchase from us and I'll send you the special coupon code.

Promotion is valid from 13 - 19 October 2014

Happy shopping!

Monday, 29 September 2014

New creation + veggie patch

I try to write blog post on Sundays to share what the week has been but always ended up too tired and my brain goes blank. Anyways, last week has been a good week.
I created these new butterfly brooch and I think they'll look nice pinned on to coats, bags, hats or wherever that can do with a little cheer.

I've also managed to make these little up-cycled notebooks. It's good to be able to use up my fabric scrabs, piecing them up together to make these is fun. The brooches and notebooks were suppose to be for Sunday's Titirangi Village Market but upon arriving at the market entrance early Sunday morning, we were told that the market was cancelled due to miscommunication and unconfirmed venue booking, the venue was booked by another event. Well, things happen and it's ok. After a little happy wandering and a picnic, it's back home gardening.

After much work on clearing and levelling the corner, the before photos here, I let the earth set for a couple of weeks.
Then last weekend Gene helped me assemble the veggie patch kit set and levelling up the earth some more.

Next I placed the weed mat underneath.

Then some card boards. Along came Kiki doing her usual round of inspection and of course I have to wait till she is done.

She found something to play with and amused herself in her "playpen".

After she's satisfied and moved on to something more interesting I continued filling compost and earth into the patch and planted some seedlings. Since I am new to growing my own vegetables, I thought to best start with seedlings rather than growing from seed. We have in the patch, capsicum, spinach, spring onion and kale. Hopefully they'll grow well till I can harvest and enjoy them.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Last week's books and plants

I managed to make a couple of books last week, nothing new, just using whatever fabric that I still have in my stash.
Doing my best to use up the fabric and not piling them in my cupboard. Will shop for new fabric when I think it's the right time to do so.

Over in the gardening scene, I received a delightful letter from Flighty of Flighty's Plot all the way from England. Flighty sent me some pot marigold seeds, "Flighty's Favourites", thank you so much Flighty they are precious little seeds.

I sowed them in pots and will sow more in the coming weeks. Hopefully they'll grow well and when they are big enough I shall transfer them to the ground in the garden.

The roses are gone now. Petals dried up and fallen to the ground.

Still beautiful... Beautiful in the beginning, in the middle and the end.

The small borage plant in the garden is blooming and I love the blue flowers. Such a happy sight first thing in the morning.

It's almost end of the month which means, market day.

Craft Market:
28 September (Sunday), 10am - 2pm - Titirangi Village Market.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Creative Blog Hop

I've been tagged by Evelin of Evelin T Designs for a fun creative blog hop interview. Evelin makes the cutest cards, she's also a very talented illustrator and writes beautiful calligraphy. I recently received a hand written letter from Evelin and truly admire her neat and beautiful hand written words.

Without further ado, here are the questions that were presented to me.

1. What am I working on right now?
A couple of things in line, but mostly binding books. I've completed a series of Starburst journals that will be listed in my Etsy and Felt shop soon.

I'm also doing a custom order for a customer. Making book covers with woodblock prints. It's still in the process and will take some time to complete it.

The holiday season is approaching, it's time to fill up both my Etsy and Felt shop so that my lovely customers will be able to get some nice goodies as presents for their loved ones. It is also peak season for me for the next few months as I will be attending more craft markets. So it's binding and more binding in the studio. I also have some new ideas playing around in the head, and hoping to be able to make them soon. We shall see.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?
My work is always evolving and I find ways to add a touch of my own, a signature of who I am if you may. Although I have stayed true to what I learned, it is still a trial and error and finding what works and what doesn't for me. I recently discovered woodblock printing and have been printing my own patterned fabric to make them into journal covers. Experimenting with dyes and inks and exploring into a whole new universe of fabric making fun times. I have so many ideas I want to do and play and get messy and wishing I can stretch the days longer.

3. Why do I create what I do?
I just do what comes naturally, and that is the joy of creating and adding beauty to the world. The joy of trying something new, even when the whole making and creating didn't turn out as what I'd expected it to be, to me it is still a wonderful and fun process, nothing is wasted. And when what I create makes it to the world and being appreciated by people who bring them home, it brings a sense of deep fulfilment, that somehow I have filled a little piece of puzzle in their lives. That what I do brings joy to others, and that, makes me happy.

As to why I make journals? You can have a little read in my Etsy About page and know me a wee bit intimately there.

4. How does my creative process work?
I'm not quite sure how to answer this actually, is it talking about what happens in the brain when it gets fired up or more of the doing process? If it's talking about the brain part, I don't really understand how creative process (or mine) works - yet :) As an artist or crafter, what I do is to just show up everyday, and usually I have a to do list that I go about doing and when inspiration strikes, and believe me it can happen at anytime and anywhere, that spark would trigger another set of creative process and that's when the fun begins. So I really don't limit creative process to just sitting in my studio folding papers and binding books, because it also includes activities outside studio time and I do get some aha idea moments when watching the clouds, the trees and birds and even when I'm knee deep in the earth gardening.

There you have it. Some fun things about me and my creative journey.
I did not tag anyone for the interview, so if you feel you'd like to join in the fun, tag yourself and leave a comment below, I'd love to visit your blog and read all about your creative journey and I'll link you up in my next blog post.

Monday, 8 September 2014

More Batik Journals + Weekend Picnic

I've completed two more batik journals, these are going to East West Gallery as I've sold the ones I made earlier. I will be sitting in at the gallery for two days early next month. Looking forward to spending some time in the gallery binding books.  

I am also currently being featured in East West Organics/Gallery's blog. Very honoured to be part of this community of amazing artists.

I spent a wonderful weekend at the beach with Christine. The weather was just fantastic.

I named this photo - sun, sand and salad on a Sunday. That was just what it was! It was a great day out with Christine.

Our toesies are happy under the warm sun.

Watching the ship and sailboats floating by under the blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

Nothing to do, no where to go, just enjoying the moment.

Now I'm refreshed and back in the studio to create more books. I'm applying to attend more markets this summer as it get closer to the holiday season. I'll let you know when and where I'll be when the time is near so you'll be able to come and say hi and also get some goodies for Christmas.

Hope you enjoy your week ahead.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Happy September

I finally completed my jacket in sewing class today. So happy and relieved. Well, it only took... like a year!! :-) I am pleased with the jacket, even though it has lots of wonkiness it's an accomplishment for me, feels good.  IMG_20140902_02197

In the studio, a new batch of papers are being folded, making more journals.

Replenishing the ones that were sold and creating more new designs.

Outside the studio window, the roses (there are 2) continue to bloom... oh so very pretty! It feels like my heart is blooming alongside them. So much joy in seeing them bloom.

Magnificent colours, and the sweet smell just makes me smile.

And lets not forget Kiki, happy to be out in the warmer days too. Spring is here.

May you have a spectacular September!