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2016 Craft Markets/Events:
Titirangi Village Market - I will be back in April 2017.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Going on a little break

Completed the last journal before my little break.

The stitched up denim and fabric scraps journal. A fun little hippie book to make,  I'll be making more of these when I come back as I still have loads of scrap fabrics.

That is all from me for now. Both my Etsy and Felt shops will be closed from 12 February till 22 March 2017. I am looking forward for my little break, and come back re-freshed to making and creating again.

See you sometime end of March or April :)

Friday, 3 February 2017

Hello February

Summer is finally here, after much waiting and whining from kiwis. Kiwis do love their summer :)

I've been working in the studio as usual, made some books and listed them on Etsy. I do love making these "cushiony books" as one friend refered them as, they do make nice little pillows.

A yellow floral vintage fabric journal with lace wrap closure.

A "tardis" blue journal.

And of course I have to make a shibori fabric journal.

I'm working on an upcycled journal at the moment, using fabric scraps that have been pilling up, I'm sewing them together to form a bigger piece, enough to make a book. Hopefully I can complete this one next week.

Last weekend's wandering... tramping at Mokoroa Falls Track.

The steps that keep going up, that's the way to go home, no turning back. After much huffing and puffing, we made it back to the car park.

The weather forecast says it'll be another sunny weekend, so we're off for another adventure.

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Mid summer in the studio and garden

Mid summer and not sure what to make of the weather. However, my work continues...

Dyed this last year and only now started to making them into journals.

A warm book binding day mid week

Happy to say that it has been a productive week. My block of beeswax that I could not do without. I got this from a candle maker at our local Titirangi Village Market. Love the smell :)

Meanwhile in the garden...
We have rain this morning.

It is lovely to see that the plants are happy

We're doing up the pavement at the back of the house, added a cesspit so that rainwater will flow in there and not flood the area which it did last autum and winter and water almost got into the garage.

We're hoping to do a little weekend wandering tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to going bush.

Have a lovely weekend!