Markets & Events 2017
General Collective Market, 5 November (Sunday) - 9:00am - 3:00pm, ASB Showground.
Michael Park School Fair - 11 November (Saturday) - 9:30am - 3:30pm, 55 Amy St, Ellerslie.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Spring in the studio, and garden

We're had lovely spring weather and it is nice to able to open the window for some fresh air while working in the studio.

The little garden patch outside the window is looking pretty with lavender and soon to bloom cornflowers.

I've completed binding some journals this week and they are resting in my press. I will be listing them soon.

The Children's Bookbinding Workshop was indeed a joyful experience with three little ones making books. All dressed in pink and amazing with their designs for the book covers, and the inside pages as well. What a delight to watch these children enjoying bookmaking and paying attention to details.

The Adult Bookmaking Workshop was attended by only one person, so she had my full attention with all the tricks and tips and managed to make a beautiful book with peacock as the book cover.

Meanwhile in the garden...

I love the beautiful scent of the lavender.

The first cornflower.

and an explosion of bright orange... i have forgotten its name.

Re-potted the succulents. Gene made a new planter box for me and this will sit just outside the shed to get full sun. I've had a good gardening day and now I must rest.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Kiwiana journals and cherry blossoms

I managed to list some new journals in my Etsy shop this week.

A tui journal, kiwi's favourite bird.

A New Zealand map journal, great for anyone who loves New Zealand, or a traveller to write down his or her adventure in this beautiful country.

Both are made from hand stamping the art on white cotton fabric and sewn onto a black linen fabric. All the fabric are either given by friends or bought from the op shop (thrift store).

This week I've managed to cut more fabric, time to prepare for the Christmas season, I'm looking forward to attending General Collective Market on 5 November and Michael Park School Fair which will be on 11 November and hopefully Titirangi Village Market on 26 November. The hall that caught fire is still under repair, so hopefully it wil be ready by then so everyone can do their Christmas shopping.

I took some time off to visit Cornwall Park in Epsom today, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, I have to have a look, and of course it is a great opportunity to take some photos. I was not dissapointed. It was spectacular!

I will have to return and venture the rest of the park another day.

The weather forecast does not look good for gardening this weekend, but we shall see... I might get lucky even for just a couple of hours.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 29 September 2017

I did something that cannot be undone

In my enthusiasm of doing spring cleaning offline and online, I accidentally deleted all my photos on blogger/google photo, hence the missing photos on all my blog posts, I don't think I can undo it. I have only managed to upload again photos for the last blog post, I don't think I have the time and energy to do the rest. Photos from 2005 to date, all gone!

Anyways, what is done is done. I'll just have to continue on.

Freshly made journals. This has taken me a while to complete but they are finally done and I'll be listing them in my Etsy shop in the coming days.

Including this cute dog journal, I have actually made up a character for this little guy, all the details of his character came to me while I was going to sleep (as they do), so I had to wake up and quickly jot them down on my phone before I forget. Here's an introduction taken from my instagram post.

Meet Douglas McBark, literary dog, some say he's a hipster. Douglas is an archaeologist who loves digging up “artefacts”. He enjoys yoga too, especially loves the downward dog pose. His hobby includes stamp collecting, from all the letters he gets from the postmen he chased. Naughty Doug! 

And of course there is a cat journal.

Here is Charles de Purr, literary cat. Literally. Charles (or Charlie by affection) is a language professor who speaks 9 languages (including a bird tweet). He has written 7 books including best seller “How to Brew Catnip Beer” and his latest release “Best Back Alley Bars in Auckland”. He loves gardening (growing catnip) and meditation, preferably facing the sun and Charlie always begins and ends with sun salutation. Oh, don't let his liquor fad bother you, he is rather sober. How? That is a secret you'll have to ask him ;)

It was really fun creating these two characters. I could go on and on. How Charlie and Doug are good friends and always meet for chats, and beer. But I'll stop here.

I completed September's bookmaking class this afternoon, it has been a very fun four weeks of book making. I truly enjoyed myself, as did the participants. 

These are the books created by the participants. I did the yellow kowhai flowers and the Maori portrait on right.

A close up on the books. Everyone was very pleased with their books. A weekly class is more relax than a day workshop, and participants get to bring home to work on their books before the next class, which I think helps them to be more creative and brave to add extras on their books, like the "Spring" journal where beads were sewn onto the spine, that could not have been done on a day workshop.

The details of the beaded spine. The colour combination to match the flower on front cover was well executed.

Decorated covers both front and back. A japanese themed journal that is truly beautiful outside and inside. We also managed to do more decorating on the inside pages with collage, stamps and gluing all sorts of tickets, postcards and photos.

I'll be having my next bookmaking class in October and may well be my last for the year as I will be busy preparing for Christmas markets in November and December.

Have a lovely weekend!