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Friday, 16 December 2005


it's our 4th anniversary. yay! i feel blessed for having a wonderful husband and friend. to have someone by my side to celebrate happiness and joy, or to crack myself silly, to have a shoulder to cry on when things are looking gloom and doom. or to hang on to a ray of hope when things gets a little tough. it's a life i have chosen and to share with the man i love.
to have a perfect "happily ever after" would be cool but a little uninteresting, don't you think? we have our fair share of habits that drive each other crazy, but hey... a great laksa would also have it's chillies and spices to have that "kick" and make it so tasty. so, i'm truly happy with how things are, and looking forward to our journey as husband and wife.

we had a yummy chocolate mashmellow cake to celebrate. yumm!

and to gene... thank you for being YOU! happy anniversary sweetie! luv ya lots!


  1. Hello, happy anniversary, al and eugene. fr anna.

  2. alison: hi dearest! thanks for the cake. thanks for tagging along on my photo shoots. thanks for accepting me the way I am. and I love you just the way you are. :)

    keep on smilin'!!

    anna: thanks a bunch! :)

  3. anna and john: thanks for the wishes :)

    levin: i love tagging along, me likes to take photos too!


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