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Sunday, 30 April 2006

of love and friendship

golden ribbon, pic by levin

my dear friends john and pamy are getting married this weekend.
yeah... love is in the air!

i see them, so happy. and i look forward for the reunion with old friends this weekend. mostly, i remember the past, the good old days of our friendship in uni, in metta garden (that's what we call our student house and has since moved on to cyberworld to get in touch with each other). the friendship that went through many bitter sweet moments. and how each and everyone of us have taken on different path of life. some still close to home, some living far far away. Anna in Canada (now back here for the hols), Phaik Loo (Lulu) and Sim Keong in London, Rachael in Hong Kong and Sandy in Tawau. but somehow i would like to think we are still close at heart. and i am greatful that i still have good friends around me close by, that i can reach in just a phone call away. Nia Yun is the sweetest girl ever. Lay Hua has evolved to become a feminine lady from the tae-kwan-do short hair days! Lai Yi is stronger than ever after all she's been through, Mui Hoong is fighting to be superwoman! Shi Ting the wondermom of two beautiful girls. Poh Fang the cool teacher and Ling Ling is... still Ling Ling! :D

more than 10 years of friendship... and still counting. from singleton to dating days, married couples to parenthood.. and hopefully long enough to still be in touch in our grandparenthood! :)

and moving along, i have made more new friends. through the internet, i have found a new community, share stories of happiness and pain, of strenght, courage and love. Mary Ann, you are one super duper mom with beautiful kids and family and a fantastic cook! (even though i've never tasted the food, the pics look just yummy! :) )

and here i say....
yay to love, yay to friendship.

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  1. Hey I made your blog!

    Glad you are back to blogging.

    Have a super-fun time with your friends and take lots of pictures....or tell Levin to.


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