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Saturday, 10 June 2006

Buddha @ home

inspired by the tittle "Buddha @ Home", i finally invited one to our home. i have always wanted to get a buddha statue but some how, or maybe the time wasn't right, it never happen. i think right now is perfect timing, considering a lot have been going on in my life. it is a gift from my family for my birthday present.

ordered one from sukhi hotu bookshop, and when the day finally came for me to pick it up, i was feeling so excited and so full of joy, the kind of joy that you would wanna have when inviting a buddha home. :-)

i took the statue to Brickfields Maha Vihara the very next day for blessing. everything went smoothly, Rev. Ratana was at the shrine hall, did some chanting and yeah... it's good for home.

looking at the buddha reminds me the purpose of my existance - to be happy.


  1. Hey..If you are happy...I'm happy. I am assuming you little budda was given a beautiful resting place in your home.

  2. marsha: yes, it's @ home. tiny altar at the moment till we can afford a better one. :)

  3. Hi friend! I hope you are feeling better, you haven't said what's going on but I get the impression you've been a little down.

    Sure hope you will have a good day today! See ya!

  4. cd: thanks 4 the concern. well, that's life... up and down. things are starting to get better again. i'm too busy to blog much these days, tired most of the time with work. i need a good rest, maybe sleep for a whole week? hahaha

  5. I'm glad you are doing better. Been missing your posts and comments. I never have asked you where you work. Do you mind sharing?

  6. cd: i'm self employed. running biz here and there. been very busy lately, and will be for the rest of the year. so, blogging will slow down to focus on my biz. thanks for your concern and well wishes. :)


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