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Sunday, 25 March 2007


motion blur, photo by alison, canon a20

the energy has been really weird lately, my sleep patterns was turned upside down, temperature shot up, emotionally scattered and my body is aching, bad, especially when i wake up in the morning. not to mention mind is a total blur with lack of sleep and all.


it is part of my healing. i am just to 'be' with it.
every feeling, every pain and every thought that comes, i have to be aware. whatever that is happening is a lesson, i am learning. and the hardest part is to control my mind, my emotions. if/when i can tame my mind... that is the greatest achievement! for me this is a self discovery journey. just to accept what is and make the best out of it.

read the news on France opens secret UFO files covering 50 years!
makes you wonder sometimes doesn't it? soon we'll be living just like in the star wars movies! :P

it is good that it is out in the open now. slowly people are able to accept and eliminate fear. making contact with these aliens will be a stepping stone to greater knowledge for humankind.

my opinion is that we have to open our hearts and mind to possibilities. possibilities that are beyond our limited frame of mind. see the bigger picture of everything. learn from it and use the knowledge for greater good.

i am preparing for it... for "possibilities".


  1. I knew somehow I was being watched...

  2. angela: hahaha! and countless times i would look up in the sky and want to go "home" :)


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