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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

precious blue

my blue neckles, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

today's affirmation:
I express my deepest truth gracefully, respectfully, and confidently

i've had this crystal, a lapis lazuri a year ago to help the clearing of my throat chakra, the communication and creativity centre. i used to just place it on my throat and meditate upon it just before bed time. i have very recently made it into a pendant/necklace and happily wearing it during my waking hours.

it's not an expensive gem, but i've grown fond of it. it has a life that links to mine, a bond, a connection that runs deep and it has since wanted to stay closer to me more than just nightly meditation. well, for now that is.

it's a challenge sometimes for me to express myself freely, in all honesty. the throat stores much fear, accumulated over the years of suppressed emotions. the all too familiar "a lump in my throat" when i am at a tight situation and not knowing the right words to speak. but i've done much work to heal that part of me, releasing fear. chanting of a certain sound or mantra that vibrates to release the trapped knots, i could actually feel the knots being pushed up and tiny clumps of hot air burst out from the throat through the mouth (sometimes through the nose too, ughh! well, they are sharing the same pathway), right after the release my voice would suddenly become so loud and clear as a cymbal! amazingly fun exercise!

... and i'll never want to know what my neighbours think of my "singing"?! :P hehe!


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