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Friday, 10 August 2007


me plant, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i embrace change gracefully

this happens to me all the time, reading something that somehow just the right timing. often times i would read a book, then abandon it for weeks, and when i pick it up again, that chapter, that line would feel so right, is just what i needed to read, to know. validating what i am going through. to learn and to explore further. interesting.

here's what i read recently:

'.... the energy centre in the throat, the fifth chakra, is the place in the body where change takes place. when we are resisting change or are in the middle of change or are trying to change, we often have a lot of activity in our throats. ...." (louise l. hay - you can heal your life)

uh huh! been having activity in my throat recently, still am. whenever i feel the unpleasantness in my throat, i'd touch my throat gently with my fingers and say "i am willing to change" and "i am changing".

and yeah... the affirmation above helps too! on a cheerful note i'd go "bring it on bebeh!" to the universe! :)

updated: notice the daily om today? begetting change


  1. miror: given are only probable cause, in the case of sore throat it is bacause one is holding in angry words. feeling unable to express the self. then again there are other degrees of throat problems from tonsillities to thyroid. anyhoo... if you eat 10 durians and drink no water... :P

  2. My chest is heavy...needing to decongest...also my upper back...I wonder what chakra that is...hmm'..

    have pretty week coming forth!



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