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Monday, 17 September 2007


priya, photo by gene, canon digital 30d

today's affirmation:
My strength comes from forgiveness of those who hurt me

thank you for your well wishes. i am much much better now.

oh yes, i do have icky moments with fellow human beings. it's amazing that the universe creates humans with such unique qualities, personalities in each individual. to teach me not only to be kind, gentle and patient with them, but also with myself, especially myself.


  1. Thanks for today's affirmation, Alison.. I need to remind myself that daily.. otherwise I don't see anyway out of my depression.


  2. Here here...I am always struggling to work on my patience...I do not suffer fools easily (and I'm not proud of that!) But I am learning to realize that when I encounter people who disappoint me or anger me, so often if I take my ego out of it, I can view them more objectively...or at least more compassionately. Sometimes it's as simple as my irritation turning to compassion for someone who obviously is unhappy themselves. Then again, some people are just plain stupid, aren't they? (just kidding!) Like I said, it's a journey! :-)


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