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Sunday, 21 October 2007

so true

kiki on the other paw, will meow outside our room door almost every morning to wake us up! very noisy i tell ya, sometimes she won't stop till one of us open the door. other days she'll just patiently wait outside, and we can see her shadow and paws under the door :) once the door is open, boy, she'll just meow, purr and rub herself on our feet, then happily trotting along with us for her highness breakfast!


  1. With Kiki as your "alarm clock", you'll never be late for work. :p

  2. Hi Alison.

    This is so timely. I'm thinking of getting a persian cat. I just don't know how my poodle will take it.

    My sis in law has one you see. She named her HERSHEY. Such a sweet gal'...but kinda' scared of me.

    If I do get one..I'll take a pic of her..then maybe my cat and your kiki can cyber play!

  3. I needed this. I love cats, have always had a cat, except for the last five years. I don't think my two big dogs will easily love a cat.

    But your film is hilarious, and truly shows cat personalities. I so envy you...I've been told cats don't make good watch dogs. In my opinion and experience, they can be just as good as dogs in watching out for you. I could go on and on with examples of my cats' abilities to keep me safe!

  4. Alison, our Margaret does the same too! Is it built into a cat? Margaret can sometimes be sneaky, and get into our room at night unknown to us. In the morning, we'll find her on the mat in our room. Shew does the same thing - mew for food until she gets it. Persistence is the cat's middle name! Mayakirana


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