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Thursday, 27 December 2007

merry christmas

yummy heart chocolates, photo by gene, canon 350d

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas!
from us to you

yummy cookies, apple pie, fruitcakes and wine
presents! presents! presents!
jokes, magic show and junior pictionary games
we laughed till our jaws hurt and tummies ache
i rolled around the floor laughing till i couldn't breathe

what a good release!

ho ho ho! :D

merry christmas indeed


  1. Ohhhh...I love junior pictionary! I can imagine the laughter that game was responsible for!

    A very Happy and Properous New Year to you, Alison!

  2. Alison, those are my favorite things about holidays...good food, games, laughs...oh, and a long nap! those candies look scrumptious!

  3. marion: really brings out the 'natural' skills in us to produce art in seconds!

    amber: uh huh! the best! gotta love holidays! :)

  4. Alison: Merry Christmas! And in another 2 days, Happy New Year. Was feeling under the weather on Xmas Day BUT I am getting better now. A bad flu. Was back in Banting last week but didn't manage to visit friends much as most of it was family time. Take care girl. I appreciate our friendship, online as it may be.

  5. mayakirana: Happy New Year to you and Nic too! the banting family spent the holidays in melaka this year, so we didnt go to banting this year, i would have called you if we did. sorry to hear about the "bad weather" you're having, hope you're feeling better now! :) take care krista!


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