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Wednesday, 19 March 2008


beautiful sunday morning, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
everything is beautiful in it's own magical way

my dear friend anna her husband ed launch a new website buddharocks
go check it out, it totally rocks! :D
i love the flippingbook, main page scroll down right at the bottom
tons of things to read and browse through... incredible! ed has done a fantastic job
in honor of the great Buddha, in honor of the Dhamma, in honor of the Sangha
sadhu! sadhu! sadhu! (excellent! excellent! excellent!)


  1. What a cool website! I've bookmarked it and will spend some time over there!

    I love today's affirmation. I especially love the beauty in the imperfect...the things slightly worn, aged, just akilter. So much more interesting and well...magical!

  2. Inspiring web site, I will look forward to reading it!

    How true the affirmation is. I agree with Amber...the odder something is, the more I am attracted to its beauty.

  3. Hey al, thanks for highlighting Buddharocks in your blog. *honoured* Glad you liked the flipping book, my fav too.


  4. I agree Alison, nice site. I will go back and visit.


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