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Saturday, 5 April 2008

learning curve

chewie, photo by gene, canon 40d

today's affirmation:
whatever happens, I'll handle it.

sometimes unpleasant things happens and i wish i could make it better again, i feel responsible, i worry, i try hard to find solution even though it is clearly out of my league. then when i look from a wider perspective, i see this unpleasantness is just perfect, it needs to happen in order for me to learn: to accept that i have made unwise decisions, and it is ok for me to experience this choice i've made. i have to learn to let go, to release all fear and anger, to trust that higher good is unfolding as i slowly regain my strength, put both feet firmly on the ground, move forward and carry on with this beautiful life i'm living!


  1. Alison, thank you for visiting my blog!

    You have a lovely blog; I look forward to reading it again.

    Today's affirmation is PERFECT - I really needed it today - thank you.

  2. Hi Alison,

    Is Chewie your dog? He's adorable!
    We have 4 cats, Gilbert, Blanche, Daisy and Red.
    Your photos are so beautiful and they make me feel happy inside.
    I'm pleased that you're enjoying my blog.
    Thanks for visiting.


  3. What a wonderful photo! Love the affirmation...and dogs are some of our greatest teachers...they know love and forgiveness intuitively...

  4. cameron: thanks for dropping by my blog too. :)

    poetikat: yes, chewie is our dog. we have chewie and kiki, our cat... and two other backyard strays (pikachiu and rusty) who comes for food :)

    amber: agree with you, dogs are just great to be around anywhere anytime!

  5. Alison, you are so wise for such a young lady. Thank you for this post.


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