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Tuesday, 13 May 2008


amsterdam - hong kong, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am ready to receive abundance in my life

feeling a little lost
tired, not getting restful sleep
breathless, heart chakra is active
all i wanna do is hide somewhere, curled up and sleep till i can sleep no more

i will do my list
great big dreams list
all the things i wanna accomplish, all the things i desire, crazy silly stuff i wanna do, probably some naughty mischief for that added flavor
things that make me happy, dreamy, smile, motivated and feel the love grovin' inside again and say "okay world, i'm back! lets rock!"
but for now, time for some loving me retreat
tah tah...


  1. Go have your retreat..good for you!

  2. Hi Alison! I hope you're feeling rested already. I enjoyed browsing through your pictures down below..sooo fun! I love the flower pictures the most:>

  3. You are so wise for such a young lady. Hope you rest well, and enjoyed your trip!

  4. Always take time for you to rest and fill yourself with love. Then when it is time to come back you will be and we will be that much more in sync with the universe. You are a wise person.

  5. i need a retreat too...a time for myself and to myself.

    anwz, i enjoyed all your holland pix. wish i were there.

  6. hliza: i did have some quiet alone time for myself, it'll do for now.

    prism: rested? erm... sort of, i guess. so much to do around here. :P

    sandy: it's a holiday today, i did some gardening which i really enjoy doing, feels good :)

    dave: uh huh! in sync and dancing with the universe... haha! i love dancing with the universe! :)

    zanas: everyone needs 'me time' sometimes, i hope you'll be able to find yours soon.

  7. hope you enjoyed your love me retreat! I enjoyed this post...sorry I'm so late commenting!


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