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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

dee, and that...

bicycle crossings, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's prayer
metta to all fathers

late on father's day posting
love my dee, that's what we call him, not dad, but dee as to 'dad-dee' (daddy)

been editing wedding video since saturday
still editing... long way to go
oy! when will it ever end?
gene was the photographer and i shot with the video camera
i love that we did it as a team
high alert on capturing 'the moments'
intense, fast movements, finding right positions
oh, my aching neck, aching back, and arm
but it was fun, it was lovely to witness the joyous day for steven and jen
a happy occasion, happy couple, happy families
just beautiful

we are going to kuching next month, yay!
another short break for gene and i
i can't wait


  1. another getaway? wow! me so green with envy. nevertheless, enjoy you both...but don't forget to share more lovely shots.

  2. i'm going somewhere too..but it's a business trip..I'll tell when it materialize. Kuching is wonderful! Oh you guys must be one of a kind wedding photographers! Husband and wife time..sounds romantic!

  3. I love weddings, too...when they're genuine, happy expressions and not big dog and pony shows. It's so uplifting to see young, hopeful love.

  4. zanas: ooo... i am looking forward for more photo taking too, i've been busy and miss my camera!

    hliza: road trip? where? sounds great! hope you'll write about it. haha! it's not our full time job, but i wish it is!

    amber: ya... it's sweet.

  5. We'll be in Kuching too end of July. If you are there then, we can meet up? Or are you going for the rainforest world music festival? Kuching is a great place for photography. And despite being a Penang gal, I can appreciate the beauty of Borneo - the slowness can annoy if you're a fastpaced person but the slowness can also captivate if you're seeking peace and quiet.


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