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Thursday, 14 August 2008

you've got mail

mailbox, borneo highland, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am open for messages from the universe


  1. Unique! In my dream house, I'm gonna have a mailbox just like this. And gnomes in the garden. Dreams..

  2. Hi Alison, noticed your callsign at Hliza's.
    Wow! You're a good photographer. I love your photos in previous postings.
    And that Canon 350D is a very good camera.
    Your colours of below red flower and snail is really vey vivid and outstanding.

    I too love photography, have a Nikon F601 with portrait lens 35mm-135mm and flash accessory etc.
    Only I love portrait photography...making women look beautiful thru my film camera's lens.
    I prefer matured ladies...more challenging...and my reward is when they receive the developed prints and exclaimed, "OHHH MY GOD! Is that me"? Or huuby says, "Never knew my wife can look so sexy"! Ha ha.

    Keep on shooting. Alison, I'm very impressed with your beautiful shots. Outstanding!
    You keep well and have a great week, Lee.

  3. sangat2 cantik the mail box! we dont quite see them ard these days, do we?
    very rustic!

  4. What a lovely mailbox! I bet the postie would prefer to deliver mails to such mailbox more! LOL

  5. That is so quaint! At first I thought it might be from your trip to the Netherlands, but then saw "Borneo"! :-)

  6. THAT is about the cutest loveliest mailbox I have seen!

  7. Hello Alison,
    What a pretty mail box. The quote is very nice too. I try to keep my eyes, ears and heart open to messages and signs the universe is sending my way.
    Wishing a nice day,

  8. message from spore: i've been too busy with too many things...i miss reading your blog and miss gazing the beautiful pictures from your canon.


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