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Monday, 1 September 2008

hello september!

sunflower mandala, borneo highland, photo by alison, canon 350d


  1. BEAUTIFUL! As if my mood was not uplifting enough, your photo just brought it to new height. :D

  2. Another of nature's beautiful mandalas!
    I found you through Blue Mango. where you commented that your parents chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Thank you for sendings lot of mettā; I send you lots of mettā, too!


  3. Wow..September already! And this is so beautiful and inspiring..

    Thank you for sharing,
    Have a pleasant day,

  5. know how people can be on the same wavelength at the same time? I was just researching mandalas last weekend. And I just blogged about braided ropes of sunlight today. Your photos literally speak a thousand words to me. I am so grateful for your blog!

  6. cc: wow! don't float too far off! :)

    rose: hey rose, thanks for dropping by me humble little blog. hope you find some lurv in here :)

    hliza: ya, i know... it's september already??!! bright yellow flower just to keep me up and cheery.

    lydia: thank you, hope you have a nice weekend!

    amber: zap zap... cross wired and we shared some same info. :) i used to paint mandalas on rocks and gave them away.

  7. Wow. Just Wow.

    This is the most amazing photo to meditate with. Thank you, Alison!


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